Dan Farr

How old are you and where are you from?
17 from Fitzroy Beach , New Plymouth, NZ
Fav Surf Spot?
Kumara Patch, NZ
Daniel Farr
Biggest achievement in surfing?
5th 2017 Vans Surf Classic WSL QS 1000
One thing we don't know about you?
I’m home schooled & I like peas.
Your dream surf setting?
8-10ft Barreling A-frame somewhere in the South Island of NZ
Daniel Farr
New Years Resolution?
Make a good name for myself on the WSL QS
When did you start surfing?
Age 8 in the Fitzroy beach shore break on a red soft top with my dad.
Favourite Food & Idols?
Acai bowls & Mick Fanning
Best session to date?
2 years ago at Teahupoo, perfect 3-4 foot with my Dad and a Tahitian mate of mine, I cant wait to get back and do it again.
Advise for newbies?
Keep at it and have fun, it’s the best sport once you’ve got the hang of it
Fav Creatures accessory?
All of them, literally the best accessories available. I did however just recently get the Multi Tour Coffin Board Bag for my QS Travels and it’s so light, durable and easy to travel with. You won’t find better for your travels.