Lee Ririnui

17. And Omanu / Matakana Island
Fav Spot?
Favourite spot I surf regularly has to be the Island but my favourite spot I've ever surf has to be the Mentawais
Biggest achievement in surfing?
Making the U/18 Junior NZ team in 2016
Lee Ririnui
One thing we don't know about you? 
This sounds really strange, but I hate people touching my collar bone.
Your dream surf setting?
A couple of mates and I out at 4-5ft, pumping island during the summer with a boatload of food
New Years Resolution? 
To get through university with majority of my papers passing with A’s
One thing you can't live without?
My family and friends
Solo pumping waves or Friends on a small wave miss?
As much as I enjoy the company of friends, pumping waves to yourself is a pretty rare occurrence to stumble across. It would have to be solo pumping waves. 
When did you start surfing? 
Started surfing when I was age 11, picked up an old board laying around at our bach in Whangamata and asked Dad to take me out.
Dane Reynolds!
Favourite Food? 
Sushi and Turkish. (With Japanese mayo on top)
Best session to date? 
Would have to be a session in the Mentawais back in April. Bankvaults was 4-6ft, barrel after barrel in warm waters and only 7 other.
Advise for newbies? 
Surf as much as you possibly can no matter the conditions, water time is essential for rapid improvement. Also to put in that little bit of extra training because whilst you're training people are relaxing, if you get that slight edge it can make a huge difference.
Go to Board? 
Black and White, fever, and sampler
Favourite Creatures accessory?
The tailpads, there's such a variety to choose from so you can be very specific when choosing one.