A Leisurely Chat With Mount Maunganui's Kehu Butler

Meet 18 year old Kehu Butler; a WQS grinding, rugby-loving Maori boy from Mount Maunganui. Get to know Kehu, what it's like to grow up in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand and what it means to be Maori in the fourth edition of A Leisurely Chat.
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Griffin Colapinto Stars In 'VOLUME ONE'

VOLUME ONE starring Griffin Colapinto. A special look inside Griffin's first three events as a rookie on the world tour. From perfect 10's at Kirra to free surfing adventures around Margaret River, feast your eyes on some damn good surfing and behind the scenes shenanigans from Griffin's adventures around Australia. 
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Choosing the right Surfboard Leash

When it comes to choosing the right surfboard leash for your board, it can be pretty overwhelming. Especially when you don't know what exactly you need to look for. There are so many different sizes, shapes, lengths and styles of leg ropes out there. How on earth do you know which one is right for you and your board?!
This blog aims to break down that mystery for you and get you out on the water safe, comfortable and shredding (Sorry no promises on the shredding).
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