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Our RELIANCE range combines premium materials with durable construction for a new generation in reliability. Rock-solid surf gear you can depend on. Surf after surf. Trip after trip.


Jay Davies in all his surf-monster glory.

At the heart of the surfing spirit is the hunt to get pitted. Venturing into the desert with its cold nights and scorching days. Flying into the tropical dream of Indo with its sweaty aromas and endless perfection. Relentlessly checking the waves around home. 

If there’s anyone who embodies this spirit it’s Jay Davies.

To check out the gear Jay takes on his hunt, head to his collection below...


"It makes me proud to see Creatures are changing their practices and are introducing the new EcoPure® pads. We all need to make changes and look after our environment to protect what we really love.”

Steph Gilmore


The Creatures of Leisure SUPERLITE leash is the lightest, most comfortable leash in the world specifically developed with custom materials for a no leash feel. Over three decades of testing and innovation has been put into creating our best surf leash yet. 

Explore the SUPERLITE collection today. 

Ethan Ewing's SUPERLITE Experience

“Hawaii is the proving grounds for surfers and their equipment....the SUPERLITE leash and all of my Creatures products never let me down in any situation.”

Ethan Ewing

Mitch coleborn on diamond-tech®

"The best thing about these covers is that they start off so light, there's no excess weight or baggage before you start packing. That's what I love best about them"

Mitch Coleborn