We’re beyond stoked to announce that Creatures has recently become the first ever global surf hardware company to certify as a B Corp. For those not sure what a B Corp is, the certification assesses companies for their impact across a range of areas from environment to social responsibility. Over the last decade, it has become the gold-standard in making sure businesses use their influence as a force for good in the world. Only a fraction of companies that go through the process actually end up making certification, so we were a little nervous when we first leapt in. 

Creatures has become the first ever surf accessories to certify as B Corp

“We were quietly confident with the changes and practices we had made in recent years but this was the first time we’ve had the business formally assessed, so there was always that thought in the back of the mind we wouldn’t stack up,” says Creatures Head of Brand & Product, Beau Campi.  “But, if we didn’t get there at least we had a road map of what needed to be improved.”

In the end, it took over a year of adjustments and improvements to get over the line, with our final score landing even better than we’d hoped. Things like offering biodegradable tailpads as part of the EcoPure® range helped. Reducing single-use plastic in new packaging was another step. There was also a renewed purpose within the team to do better, entering volunteering programs like beach cleanups to generate hands-on momentum for the mission.

Quote from Creatures Head of Brand and Product Beau Campi

“With such a small team our goal was to do what we can, where we can, as fast as we can,” continues Beau. “This was done by chipping away and prioritising improvements that would make a significantly lessened impact.”

Some might ask us why bother with this stuff in the first place. For us, it’s a no-brainer. If we explore the planet and spend our lives surfing in nature, we have both a duty and an incentive to look after it. It also makes coming to work each day to design leashes, traction and boardcovers so much more rewarding. It’s extra purpose beyond just earning a living. It’s helping to cultivate a lasting lifestyle. 

B Corp graphics

Obviously, we are not even close to being ‘finished’ when it comes to our sustainability or social goals, but there’s a silver lining in that. There’s more to do. More reason to come in and concentrate on the task at hand day after day.
“There’s now a real focus on more sustainable alternatives to our secondary packaging, while cleaning up the rest of our primary packaging to eliminate any single-use virgin plastics,” says Beau. “We’re additionally looking to implement proven material alternates that have comparative or increased durability for our reliable product line – that is the real challenge for us that I’m most excited about.”

So, stay tuned. Interesting things are coming. Things that not only create better surf gear, but is better behind the scenes too. A team effort that’s all about making sure our surfing community lasts well into the future. 

Creatures is B Corp Certified

To learn more about B Corp certification, visit their website. B Corporation