Creatures PROTO™1.4 tail pad has just won Gold at the Australian Good Design Awards. The awards are the highest honour for design and innovation in the country, recognising diverse projects across 11 disciplines, including excellence in architectural design, engineering, fashion, digital and communication. They embody the philosophy that design has the power to shape a better world. Past winners include the likes of the Tesla Model S, Flowhive, A-380 jet and more. 

Mick Fanning and PROTO™1.4

PROTO™1.4’s combination of improved sustainability and performance is what ultimately tipped the jury to award the design Gold, saying:

“The PROTO™1.4 Traction Pad challenges unsustainable manufacturing while significantly improving on the performance of traditional surfing traction pads. Exceptional grip, comfort and recoil kick capabilities allow surfers to connect with their board and take control of their movements.” 

Good Design Award Gold WinnerStoked is an understatement. (L to R): Nathan Omodei, CEO & Director, The Leisure Collective; Beau Campi, Brand & Product Director, Creatures of Leisure; Shane Partington, Director of Surf, The Leisure Collective.  Photo: courtesy Good Design Awards

Other outstanding winners for 2023 include a world-first airborne disease tracking device for agricultural crops, a long-range survey drone which can gather critical aerial data safely, plus an artificial reef system which helps prevent beach erosion while providing habitats for sea life.

“It’s pretty wild to be in such amazing company,” says Creatures Head of Product & Brand, Beau Campi. “To have the team’s hard work acknowledged like this motivates us to keep improving and push the surf industry to rise up for positive change together.”


PROTO™1.4 uses moulded technology to radically reduce waste when making tail pads, while also allowing for a fully 3D, multi-directional traction pattern mapped to the shape of a surfer’s foot. It is the biggest innovation in this space since grip was invented back in the 1970s.

To check out the full rundown of how PROTO™1.4 takes surf grip to the next level, head here.



3x World Champ Mick Fanning and Creatures Brand & Product Director Beau Campi discuss both the problem and FUTURE of surfboard traction. Re-inventing traction through Moulded Technology, PROTO™1.4 provides the world-first multi-directional grip pattern, MULTI-LOC™, to lock your foot in place. A PRO-FORM arch gives cushioned support, and a RECOIL kick gives extra spring through critical manoeuvres.

In our aim to make a product that is BUILT better, moulded technology has allowed us to dramatically reduce our manufacturing waste. 3 years testing & development with Mick Fanning and Italo Ferreira.


Filmed and Edited by Shane Fletcher

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