When confronted with a wall full of options, it can be pretty confusing figuring out the best surf leash for your needs. Depending on your ability, and the type of craft you ride, the best surf leash could simply be the best value one. Or, it might be a reliable surf leash that’s going to perform from 2ft to 6ft. This guide gives you a simple rundown on what to look for.

First, if you ride a shortboard and just want the most reliable surf leash for a wide range of conditions, this is the best option.

For those wanting to duckdive a little deeper into the world surf leashes, the following step-by-step guide will help sort out the comp cords from big-wave beasts. It all comes down to asking the right questions.


Most of the time, you want a leash to be at least as long as the craft you’re riding. That way, your board has enough rope to move clear of you during a wipeout.

The wave size and power you’re using a surf leash in will also affect which one you should choose. As a general rule*, people surfing small waves like something thinner to reduce drag. In bigger waves, the best surf leash will be a thicker, longer, stronger cord.

This infographic should help…

Finding the best surf leash

*With every rule comes its exceptions. While the graphic guide above will work most of the time when looking for your best surf leash, it’s also good to think about the size and weight of the board being ridden, plus the size and weight of the surfer. For example, a 6’8’’ footy player riding a necessarily big board, will never want to get a 6ft ‘comp’ cord. Even in 2ft waves the pressure at each end of the leash will eventually overwhelm it. Wave power also plays a role. For example, head-high heaving slabs can be harder on your leash than double-overhead rolling pointbreaks. A little discretion goes a long way to ensure you pick the right surf leash.


Every CREATURES surf leash is built for reliability. However, some leg ropes have extra features to improve comfort, reduce weight, and offer that extra level of performance. Here’s a breakdown of our three different performance tiers when it comes to finding a reliable surf leash.

So there’s your simple guide for picking the best surf leash. Remember, consider what board you’re riding, the type of waves you're riding, and level of performance you want in a leash. If you need a specialist design, like something for Groms, Longboarders, Boardboard leashes, or Foilers, there are options for you too.

However, the majority of surfers will find their perfect surf leash here.