Tom Robinson

How old are you and where’s your home break?

I’m 15 and my local is Sandy Bay, Northland

Nick Name?

Tommy Robbo or just Robbo...

Current Sponsors?

Ripcurl, Sexwax, Otis Eyewear, Smoothstar, CREATURES of LEISURE

Fav Surf Spot?

Shipwreck bay

Biggest achievement in surfing?

Selection in NZ Junior ISA Worlds Team

Tom Robinson Creatures of Leisure
Image: Hunter Malcon

Your dream surf setting?

A sunny day at the beach with A-Frame tubes and lots of food on hand!

New Years Resolution?

Get a session of 4-5 foot pits and only mates out before summer ends!


Solo pumping waves or Friends on a small wave mish?

I love both but probably more good waves over anything, it’s a hard one I guess...

When did you start surfing?

7 years old

Tom Robinson Creatures of LEisure
Image: Hunter Malcon


Jacob Willcox, Ethan Ewing, Steph Gilmore

Favourite Food?


Advise for newbies?

Give it a go, it’s a lifestyle really.

Go to Board?

I’m riding a 5’7 DHD 3DV at the moment and it works a gem in New Zealand type waves!

Fav Creatures accessory?

I like the traction, I think with the range of grips that there are you can really find what you want. Also I like the colours that Creatures use on their product.