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William Van Der Beek

How old are you & where's your home break?

16.  Xroads, Mount Maunganui

Fav spot?

The island.

Biggest achievement?

Making the NZ team.

William Van Der Beek

One thing people don't know about you?

I used to be a clubbie.

What would your dream surf setting be?

Indicators in reverse with no crowd.

William Van Der Beek
One thing you can't live without? 

Biscuit slice and milk combo from the school canteen.

Surfing solo pumping or small mush with mates?

I like surfing with my mates but if I had to chose between average surf with the boys or cooking surf on my own the I would probably go for the solo surf.

When did you start surfing?

When I was little I surfed when the family would go the beach but I only really started to get into it when I was around 10.


People I look up to in surfing would be Ryan burch and all those older guys that get really barrelled at the island.

Favourite food? 

Food that I don't have to cook is my favourite kind of food.

William Vander Beek
Best session to date?

many that I can't recall, but I recently had a hell session out on the coast, so that would be up there because it was a 2 minute walk from home.

Any advise for newbies?

Just go out and give it a go, ride a big board and find a mellow spot with not to many people out.

Go to board?

Really liking the new Fever model from Channel Islands and also my Tyler warren quad.

Fave creatures accessory?

Taylor Clark tail pad because it does what a tail pad is supposed to do and looks real cool.

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