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Choosing the right Surfboard leash is crucial and can make or break your surf. Thanks to the brains behind Creatures Mfg, we've created a range of the best leashes and leg ropes to suit your surfboard type, wave condition & skill level. These leggies are durable, comfortable and reliable + feature some of the world's first and best technology to keep you safe and riding confident in your equipment.

For more information on how to choose the correct leash for you, check out of blog post below.

 >>'how to choose the right surfboard leash'<<


We take a lot of pride in the fact that Creatures has taken out a number of world firsts when it comes to surfboard leashes and leading technology. Creatures founder John Malloy started this trend when he designed the Worlds first Urethane Leash redefining the way leashes are made. Below are some of the Features we currently uses on our surf leashes. 

Injection Moulded Urethane Surefire Release Tag with moulded holes – Holes ALLOW water flow & reduce the weight of the cuff. The Worlds first urethane, permanently upright release tag - easy release every time and very handy in an emergency
Creatures Surefire Leash release

DNA FLEX MOULDDNA FLEX MOULD  [patented technology]
The cord/mould connection that absorbs wave impact, stretching with the leash to resist breakage. Leash & mould stretch up to 5 x original length. The World's first cord/mould connection to absorb wave impact. - Increases flexibility & Strength and reduces breakage. Return rate near zero.


The point on a leash where the cord and cuff mould are joined is where many leashes give way once real pressure is applied. 

The unique design of a creatures DNZ leash ensures that all parts of the leash can absorb wave impact by stretching together rather than separating when under pressure. 

Testing has shown the SNA leashes can stretch up to 5x it's original length without breaking whilst retaining 100% memory and product integrity. 

The DNA flex mould is a registered design and another world first innovation by Creatures.


Creatures DNA Flex Mould

NON-SLIP CUFF [patent pending]

Using specifically designed neo-mesh material, that prevents the cuff from rotating on the ankle. Super comfortable with a lighter & thinner cuff construction.

Creatures of Leisure Surfboard Non Slip Cuff Leash

Creatures of Leisure on Vimeo.

Leash lockLEASH LOCK
Advanced hook-&-weave design is softer, lighter & 50% stronger hold than traditional velcro.

Creatures Leash Lock Cuff

Leash Lock innovation with Mick Fanning from Creatures of Leisure on Vimeo.


The Worlds first stainless steel, self-lubricating swivel was introduced in 2003: The swivel never gets stuck, eliminating leash tangles. It's also virtually unbreakable!
 Creatures Leashes with Stainless Swivels



Creatures are so confident in the strength of the DNA leashes (Reinforced by the lack of returns) that we offer a 2 year warranty on all leashes. Creatures of Leisure 2 year Warranty of Leashes

Choosing the right leash for the conditions:

As interpretations of surf size vary around the globe, a guide is provided below to assist your selection of the appropriate leash. The waves in this graphic are displayed alongside a 6ft tall board. In this example a 2x head-high wave is recorded as ‘6ft’. Each CREATURES’ leash has been designed for specific surf conditions so it’s worth considering which model in the range best suits the waves you plan to surf.

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Creatures of Leisure Leash guide

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