Creatures of Leisure Surfboard Fins

About Creatures Surfboard Fins

The Creatures of Leisure Fins cover a full range of surfers weights, needs and surf conditions. Premium quality, technical fins at a very competitive price. The 2017 Fin range consists of ICON sets in both Arc and Vert templates as well as a Tri-quad, Quad rear and 100% Fibreglass Fins, all in Arc templates.
Creatures Arc and Vert Fins
Creatures Surfboard Fins
Single Tab BaseThe Single Tab base is designed to fit surfboards with Futures Fins fin boxes. 
Double Tab BaseThe Double Tab base is designed to fit surfboards with FCS fin systems.


SWEEP: The angle measuring how far the outline of the fin is curved backwards; also referred to as Rake.

Our Arc Series Fins have more sweep (greater than 33 degrees) and provide extra drive for carving manoeuvres, rail to rail transitions and down the line surfing. 

OurVert Series Fins have less than 33 degrees and are suited for tight turns, vertical manoeuvres and in the pocket type surfing.

FOIL referes to the shape and geometry of the inside and outside faces of the fin. Foils directly affect the flow of water over the surface of the fin. Different foils create carnations in water flow and have a direct link to the overall performance of the fin and the board. 

All of our fins have a Flat Foil, except the Quads, which have an 80/20 inside foil.