In the water, on the land and in the air. Crossing borders, time zones, layovers; embracing the unfamiliar.
Opening your eyes to the new and the unknown. This is Creatures Country.
Finding inspiration everywhere. Do we as surfers see the world differently? Absolutely!
Magnetized to the ocean; always wanting more. This is Creatures Country.
Raw swells march towards distant shores; we pay tribute to the lessons learned and the generations that came before us.
Now we forge ahead making new paths. A hunger to explore and discover.
Google maps, foreign tracks, around the corner, a faraway land. This is Creatures Country.
Onshore, offshore. Small waves, long waves, heavy waves. Board shorts, bone chilling cold. 3 fins or no fins.
With friends or weathering the storm alone. Pure, stripped back, 100% feeling. This is Creatures Country.
Waking up before the sun, camping on the beach, riding through rice fields. Putting on the comp vest, escaping deadlines and deals. A place where nothing matters. This is Creatures Country.
Stories of magic, tales of woe. Journeys of success and trips of challenge.
Stretching from local beaches to unchartered waters. Bells Beach, Pipeline, Fiji, Hossegor, Trestles, Yallingup.
This is Creatures Country.